White is not right

This world we live in has another name - under the Sun. I am sure you've noticed the term used in the Bible and in other literature. What you may not be aware of is that in some languages, Twi for instance, the term for the world is wiase, which literally translates as Under the Sun. From this interpretation the expression under the sun as used in the Bible probably has no allegoric or poetic meaning. It literally means the world.

The Sun is a star, and all stars emit ultraviolet radiation in varying amounts, so to argue that UV output is a feature of the Sun that is inherently hostile to humans or planetary life is rather bogus. The Sun powers our planet's life cycle and the UV radiation it emits is an essential part of its nature. No UV = No Sun = no life. We have to be Black to be here. If exposing your skin to the Sun can result in severe sunburn in 15 minutes, there is either something wrong with your skin or there is something wrong with the Sun. When you consider that the Sun powers the planet and all other life including your own body and indirectly your skin, I know where to put the blame (hint - it is not the Sun). All animals that live under the sun have evolved traits that protect their skins from UV and humans are no exception. Most mammals and birds have fur or feathers which protect the skin from UV rays, but humans have virtually none, except on our heads. We must have melanin in our skins.

How many hairless mammals have white/pink skin? Virtually none, only humans and (white) domesticated pigs. Humans can fashion clothing and build shelters to protect themselves from the Sun. With the exception of the pigs we are accustomed to, we immediately observe hairless mammals featuring white/pinkish skin as sickly and aberrant. White domesticated pigs have been selectively bred by humans and live in shelters. When domesticated pigs escape or are released into the wild, within a few generations their hair grows back and their skins become darker. The other animals that are hairless are mainly elephants and hippos, both of which have their melanin, with hippos secreting oils which protect their skins further. Hippos also wallow in mud to keep themselves cool and protect themselves as well.

We are meant to be coloured, we are meant to be black. Roaming around our under the sun and cavorting around in the skins we are born with means being black.

So you see people, your complexions are not dark. Your complexions are evolved, adapted, normal, in harmony with the Sun, your life giver. When your ancestors stepped outside to recite the Gayatri did they fret that the Sun would darken and burn their skins, and did the women worry it would make them less eligible? The condition where the world's main media companies promote white skin as the desirable trait, especially the blonde and red-haired kind even in countries where such traits are minority traits, traits marked by skin which is deeply stressed when exposed in its natural solar powered environment is plain pathological.

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