Egyptology - A Discipline of Denial?

Nyaj and Sphinx

Nyaj speaking to the Great Sphinx. With the mouth of the Sphinx closed the comparision doesn't seem so great. I captured the snapshot from a series of videos

The Eyes at Sanxingdui

Jamelia and Sanxingdui Sculpture

Some time ago I learned about an archaelogical site in China near a town called Sanxingdui which was discovered in the 1920s. Apparently the composition of the metals and some of metallurgical techniques used in some bronze and gold sculptures there linked them to civilizations further west in Egypt and Turkey, unexpected link given how old it was.

Rohini Mani Notes

White is not right


This world we live in has another name - under the Sun. I am sure you've noticed the term used in the Bible and in other literature. What you may not be aware of is that in some languages, Twi for instance, the term for the world is wiase, which literally translates as Under the Sun. From this interpretation the expression under the sun as used in the Bible probably has no allegoric or poetic meaning. It literally means the world.

The Darshan of Melani

MelaniI have been looking at this blog post of mine on Google and Isabelle. The photos of the women at the end have to be scrolled through one at a time, and a few times on scrolling through them I sense a kind of grace in looking at them. It is as though the beauty of the pictures is some kind of blessing, that it is some divine kindness which has made the images of those women available to be witnessed. In some way I have come to the conclusion that it is the picture of Melani is the one which contributes the most to this feeling.

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